Jul 2, 2015
Ceroder (All reviews)
It was awesome. Seriously. That ending... It maked me cry when Sousei no Aquarion OP started playing...

Anyways, it was an ONA of course, so you guys shouldn't expect too much. Story was bad. It was really bad. I watched non-subbed 5 minute ago. If you guys watched Sousei no Aquarion nearly 1.5 years ago, like me, it makes you shout at Apollo's appearence is shown.

It was boring. I don't talk about this much, because I don't wanna give you spoilers.

It was the same as Aquarion Evol. If you liked that art, there is no problem.

Awesome ! Like the other Aquarion TV series, sound was really good. (Sousei no Aquarion, Aquarion Evol) Especially when ONA is ended, there is a black screen, where is cast is shown, in background, playing Sousei no Aquarion opening playing...

You just enjoy when your favourite character is talking :D