Jun 30, 2015
Ledo-kun (All reviews)
When the second season of Nisekoi was announced, I was expecting for it to finally have the revelation. Now that I've finished it, I am so disappointed as I was given 12 episodes that has nothing to do with it. All of the episodes can just be considered OVAs as it has no concrete connection to the "main storyline" of the anime.

BUT! Don't get me wrong, it still lives up to the genre it belongs, which is RomCom. It succeeds in bringing romantic scenes and comedic ones. It's just that it pains me that this show lead me towards nowhere.

This is a review(duh) so let's start talking about where it shines the most and finish it with where it fails

The art and animation is better than the first season's, which is saying something because the A&A in the first season is already good enough. In this season, we're given much more detailed backgrounds that is a must-see for art lovers. The fluidity of the animation is smooth. Colors are vibrant and clear. Character designs suit each character and are well done (Haru's hair is a wreck, though).

Soundtrack is OK, nothing special. OP is one of those rare ones that I don't skip. Some episodes have a different ED but I can't think of a reason why as for me, most of them are skippable. Voice acting is also OK, nothing special.

We've got two new characters to add in Raku's entourage of high school girls, Haru & Paula. However, they're unnecessary as they add no value to the story. This season showcased the minor characters more than the main characters but most of the time, it just doesn't work. There's no real character development that helped progress the main storyline. Sure, there were "some" character development but for what?

This season feels like a bunch of fillers set on 1-cour. The story concerning the pendant is gone. It strayed from the main storyline which really made me disappointed. There's even that one episode that's about magical girls that didn't make any sense at all. However, there are strong episodes that are commendable like episode 10&11. It tells us the stories of some characters and I really loved how realistic and relatable they could be.

Truth be told, the second season of Nisekoi is an utter disappointment for those awaiting of what will happen among Raku and his harem. It has its fun moments but that's not going to compensate for its lack of plot development.

The only thing I could say is that if you're going to watch this to satisfy your eyes, then go because this one is worthy to satisfy them. If not, then don't even bother.

Overall = 5.6(6)/10