May 31, 2015
Aljas (All reviews)
Summary in andvance: As a side story to Seitokai Ichizon's second season, you mainly get a funny Valentine's Day story with the second seasons characters.

Story: The story takes place on Vaelentine's day, when in Japan, it's the "big day" for girls to surprise their loved ones (or whom they admire) with some presents, with some chocolate. In this 24 minutes you'll see how the second seasons heroines handle the gift-giving procedure and - sigh - their feelings meantime.

Characters: There's not much to write about them, except from the occasionally robot-like Chizuru-san, in spite the others you mainly get the second season's heroines with all the "tsundere harem" personalities.

Art: It looks like just as any of the second season's episodes.

Sound: /Who watches comedy for the sounds?/

Enjoyment: I laught my ass off as the girls tried to do the very simple looking thing, giving a present.

Overall: You liked the second season? Go ahead, it won't hurt you unless you already scraped down your face that the series don't have more episodes.