Sep 3, 2009
Klabautermann (All reviews)
This is the second yaoi I've ever watched and though I'm a proud fan of quality gayism these days, it killed all my good-hearted gay-loving intentions to give yaoi in general, as a genre, a chance.

Putting aside the obvious moral issues I have with the baffling and quite fucking creepy idea put into this story, these four episodes contain nothing that's connected to what it should be connected. It's a mix of explicit scenes, tears and rape sessions which, I guess, get people going. Which is you know, fine by me, should this be a pure porn of some fetish bullshit but there is no way in Lord's Heaven I'm letting this pass as a romance. Unless you're touching upon the heartbreaking concept of sex slavery from a serious veiwpoint, you might notice that the fucking "yikes" plot of this weebshow and the romance it's trying to pull off somehow don't mix well.

Incredibly disproportionate characters. Art is basically bullshit.

VA had my ears bleed.

Relationships are based on a classically disastrous mix of jealously, emotions that shouldn't be there ( and aren't, really ) and nonexistent romantic intentions that would in real life result in something like a 911 call.

You will feel about as trapped in this anime while watching it as the main character did when he got continuously raped by his romantic interest. ( I guess ? )