Mar 21, 2015
DarkAscent (All reviews)
A very simple minded and poorly done anime.

Story: The anime is broken into separate story lines following several different characters. All of the stories are obnoxiously cliché and simplistic. If you are looking for food for thought your brain will starve to death with this anime.

Art: Basic and not terrible but nothing that would count as high quality. The female characters all look very similar with kind of masculine odd-shaped jaws.

Sound: Bad synthesized background with a few acoustic overdubs. A kid could come up with this on his $80 Casio keyboard form Wal-Mart. Wasn't even good when this anime was new.

Character: This is really the killer for this anime. If you are going to do 2-3 episode story arcs you have to have noteworthy character development in that short period to grab interest. Every character is as vanilla and mundanely boring as it gets. Watching this is like driving in neutral.

The overall experience of this anime is just mind numbing boredom. Soon you will just want episodes to be over so you don't have to listen to more mundane dialogue with crappy midi music in the background. I wouldn't wish this crap on my worst enemy.