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Mar 8, 2018
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Honestly, this is just an average anime except for one reason, and one reason alone that sets it apart from 99% of the other generic crap out there: the characters' relationships actually go somewhere.

That's right kids: the main protag of a rom-com actually gets somewhere, instead of just endless cliché mechanisms to avoid any kind of real romantic progression. That, by itself, is worth something, and makes this a cut above the rest.

As far as the rest of the story, there isn't anything mind blowing. You won't cry, you won't be incredibly attached to any characters, and you probably won't laugh out loud at read more
Sep 29, 2016
This will be a short review. In many ways this anime is average, but yet at the same time far superior to 99.999999% of all harem/romance/comedy series. Why?

Despite some shortcomings, the story actually progresses, the characters actually progress, the main male character isn't a complete Q#$%*#^ idiot, and....drumroll please........*spoiler*:

HE ACTUALLY PICKS SOMEONE BY THE END! That by itself, earns this series a 10 rating from me, because it actually tells a complete story, instead of most harem anime that are just trying to bait you into buying the manga. Either that or the writers are too cowardly to actually resolve the read more
Sep 5, 2016
Let's sum up this dumpster fire in one sentence: Stereotypical weepy impotent boy is weepy and impotent for six episodes while every cliché plot device plays itself out in cliché order to the sound of crappy violins and bad midi music.

If that sounds harsh, well, it is true. Spoilers ahead.

Story: Oh look, he has a childhood friend. Oh look, he's about to confess but the phone rings, and again....and again......and again. Oh look he's about to confess but a bad guy kidnaps her. Oh look, he's about to confess but a talent agency wants her and they tell him to break read more
Mar 21, 2015
A very simple minded and poorly done anime.

Story: The anime is broken into separate story lines following several different characters. All of the stories are obnoxiously cliché and simplistic. If you are looking for food for thought your brain will starve to death with this anime.

Art: Basic and not terrible but nothing that would count as high quality. The female characters all look very similar with kind of masculine odd-shaped jaws.

Sound: Bad synthesized background with a few acoustic overdubs. A kid could come up with this on his $80 Casio keyboard form Wal-Mart. Wasn't even good when read more