Mar 8, 2015
whiteteeth (All reviews)
I'm giving it a 9 overall instead of a 10 just to not be unrealistic, but i genuinely think this was one of the best anime of the year.

When i start watching comedy animes nowadays i always get bored... they mostly lack at originality and their jokes doesn't seem to have any sort of appeal.
And there comes Nozaki-kun, sweeps off my feet, and has me laughing in every single episode.
I judge comedy-driven anime with that: the level of laughter it gave me, and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun promised that and delivered.

The main story is pretty simple, and one you may have seen in lots of animes: highschool girl fells in loves with highschool boy, who turns out is a famous mangaka. But the originality of each character is what makes this anime so amusing and enjoyable... each of them seem to be constructed in order to break an anime/manga stereotype in which people tend to categorize them.

Nozaki is an anime about how you can't judge a book by it's cover. Each character Sakura (female lead) meets each episode, including Nozaki itself, prove to be the polar opposite of what she expects them to be. The cool silent guy is actually silly and brainless, the 'bad boy' is actually a shy whiny boy, the pretty girl with a delicate voice is actually aggresive and self-centered,... and so on.
And that's what makes the experience so enjoyable and relatable. I believe i'm not the only one who feels related to one or two of this characters. You won't find mary sues here, but characters making fun of their quirks and flaws.

If you enjoy character-driven comedy don't miss out on this one!