Feb 10, 2015
Eneeli (All reviews)
While the short 5 mins of airtime per episode is restrictive, this anime is a stereotypical yokai happening.

The premise of an artist who has his knowledge of demons in drawings was the hook which lead to an empty boot of resigned dissatisfaction. The monster of the tale was new and kinda interesting but honestly, I cannot bring myself to be invested in this.

The characters are flat and predictable. They have the potential to be so much more memorable (going by their colourful designs) but instead, their personalities are cardboard. Character development is non-existent.

Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan is the anonymous face of run-of-the-mill animes. Watch this to kill time (since it's just 15 minutes of your life) in periods of waiting or while multi-tasking (since it's straightforward).