Feb 5, 2015
Darkryhr (All reviews)
The Breaker NW is a Korean manga or manhwa and if you're unlucky like me and read the mal description before finishing the original then you're probably really curious about this one.
well NW isn't over yet at the time of writing but it looks like its heading towards a conclusion and thought id just write some stuff i had to say about it, (ill probably update this once the series is over) so lets jump right in:

Story: when i had only started reading NW i had somewhat mixed feelings about it, the original ended very well in my opinion but at the same time it sort of set things up oddly for its successor(if you've finished the original, or once again, unlucky like me and read the description you probably know what I'm talking about), and that's not really a bad thing, it helps gives a sense that NW has its on structure as a complete series rather than being built entirely around the original and just being a continuation of it. and while that's all good it does give the series a sense of slow progression, don't get me wrong there's always action and the plot constantly moves forward its just that the plot device that was set up by the original makes it feel slow, but maybe that's just me. other than that though the story is great, the series does a great job(NW and its predecessor) of creating a world and you really feel like the murim are on one hand people but on the other hand this different race who have their own rules and code and are an entire society built in parallel with regular society with constant struggles and conflicts to maintain what is clearly a fine and delicate balance between the two. there are also plenty of clans and styles of martial arts that help expand the murim world even more and keep you at the edge of your sit wondering what the next move will be. i will say this though, and you cant take this as a good or bad thing but NW seems to often depend on not "suspension of disbelief" but rather "suspension of belief" in which no matter how many times a character does something insane of extraordinary the others just cant seem to accept it and are shocked anew each time, I personally liked this, the series knew how to make it work and did a good job setting the intervals between each time this happened.(oh and p.s the main character went through so much shit that he has transcended just zombie or badass)

characters: OK this is one aspect in which i had to debate with myself a bit, again, when i had only started reading NW i had mixed feelings, one of the reasons for this is the new characters introduced, most of the main cast has been replaced and i didn't know how to feel about the new characters, with some feeling like they were recycled or copies of characters from the original and some just feeling like the show had gotten a little bit lost in fan service, don't get me wrong I'm not opposed to strong female characters but i don't think that the panty shots were necessary, but luckily for me NW eventually set me at ease and the characters grew on me after developing beyond their first impressions and i while never felt there was much back story in the series that didn't stop me from liking them, on the contrary, that means i liked the characters based solely on their actions and personality during the present events(which is harder to pull of than it sounds and there are show that just try to give the characters a tragic past rather than making him interesting during the events).

art: OK this one should be a no-brainer, NW continues the original manhwa's tradition of having amazing art that's very detailed, but most importantly turns the fight scenes from something in between the plot into the main course and does a great job of setting the tone of the situation and expressing the characters emotions. I really have nothing more to say about it, its absolutely spectacular and i think you need to see it to believe.

so final thoughts: in case you haven't noticed i went through 189 chapters of NW in just 3-4 days and why is that? because 'The Breaker: New Waves' is awesome, its thrilling, its exciting and you don't really need all these details when it can be summed up in one sentence: the more i read, the more i want. and so with that i can honestly say there isn't a person i wouldn't recommend this series to(the same applies to the original, obviously) and regardless of how it concludes it is definitely worth reading.