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Jul 8, 2016
♪ these zombies don’t eat braaains,
but they’re still gonna kill us all,
so all board the steam traaain ♬

That’s the general summary for kabaneri or as it was known before release: "attack on titan: trains edition" or as it’s known after release: "Shit: standard edition".
for those of you who followed along with the show on mal throughout its run you may have noticed the steep decline in score after the final episode, though you shouldn’t really be surprised cause it was declining consistently since like episode 3-4 it was just more of a slow decline, if the public opinion on this show was given physical read more
Feb 5, 2015
The Breaker NW is a Korean manga or manhwa and if you're unlucky like me and read the mal description before finishing the original then you're probably really curious about this one.
well NW isn't over yet at the time of writing but it looks like its heading towards a conclusion and thought id just write some stuff i had to say about it, (ill probably update this once the series is over) so lets jump right in:

Story: when i had only started reading NW i had somewhat mixed feelings about it, the original ended very well in my opinion but at the same time it read more
Dec 8, 2014
okay lets make this perfectly clear right away, i don't think trinity seven is bad, not at all, its without a doubt the best harem manga/anime Ive ever seen, its just that its still not that good. i think the problem is with the central premise(this is about harems in general), its possible for more than one girl to like a guy, but for seven of them?! alright even so i guess someone has to be that likable, but for all of them to be okay with him also being with someone else? hell no, and for him to be as boring as harem protagonists read more
Dec 1, 2014
Nanatsu no Taizai is one of the more recent manga I’ve read, and i must say, when i first saw the trailer for the anime (which i saw before reading the manga) i was skeptical, it didn’t look too good, something about the faces i think... but after giving the anime a shot i liked it, and then i started reading the manga and i loved it.

The story:
let’s skip the mandatory plot synopsis, and jump right in. the first thing i liked about the plot was the main characters’ situation, how they are considered traitors and are constantly moving forward, it helps keep the pacing read more
Nov 30, 2014
a short intro - this is my first review, i didn’t choose akame ga kill because it's what i wanted to review most, but because it was something i felt i could review. In general I’m going to be more critical of the manga in this review because i feel that are plenty of reviews that can point out the positive aspects, but let me preface this by saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you already read the manga and disagree that’s fine, but if you haven’t and are still on the fence about reading then i suggest you take read more