Jan 29, 2015
minimiau (All reviews)
At this time precure is all but not original. Toei is taking ideas from past seasons to make a new one. This time, Happiness charge looks very similar to Heartcatch precure.

Story: 8/10

The story is the same as always: some evil people attavk a kingdom and wants to conquer earth. Only because they hate love, kindness, hope and all that good feelings. But they wont have it easy: precure will save the day!

One thing that I like is the new addition of the show: they put international precure: no matter in which country you are. A group of precure will save the day: India, Japan, Texas, Spain... Because, why only the evil organization attack one city if they can attack at the same time all world?

One thing that they used in the first half of the anime is that: if you collect enought precards you can wish something. In the second part this thing was forgotten. At the end its only a cute thing only to collect and use. Why: the cards are clothes and with magic you can change into the clothes that are on the cards.

Art. 7/10

Art and animation aren't good enough. Past season have better animation and character design. But again, a new addition is now on the series: CGI animation on when the precure attack. Yes, its cheap CGI, but is something. For the 10th anniversay of pretty cure the animation is really lame, with episodes that you can say: "what... where they lazy or don't have enough budget to animate this episode."

About the character design its not bad. Its cute but to be honest to childish and "sweet". You can say, "hey, its a kids show" yes, but I have seen several animated kids shiw and they have better.

Character. 9/10

The character is one of the best points of the show. They're aren't perfect ith a lot of cualities and no defects. megimu is a little dumb about love and she doesn't have any dream. Iona hate Hime becouse on her own version he has the fault what happened to her. This 3 characters have bad and good feelings.

But I really don't like too much Yuuko. She is always kind, likes food and thinks all the time about food and honey candy. She sings good and is the perfect lady: knows what she wants, and help others.

Talking about other characters, I also ike Blue, the Earth god. He search for kind girls only to become them precures. He has doubts and secrets. And you know that will be problems when the four protagonist know what really happened.

Enjoyment. 8/10

In overall, I enjoyed the anime. Ignoring bad animation (is bad in several episodes not in all) I really liked this season. but I really wish that toei, in some parts the story were superficial. They can be better.