Jan 14, 2015
bloody_Venus55 (All reviews)
This Review is about "BITTERNESS" I'm Just being honest to myself and what I really felt while watching the series.

Yesterday I've just finished watching Peach girl and it gives me a creeps through out all the end.
I was annoyed, disappointed and frustrated about the outcome of the story especially the ending because how evil can a person be.

"This is the kind of tips that I've gathered while watching all 25 episodes of peach girl"

-A happy couple being crushed by an evil demonic unhuman monster bestfriend and A happy couple being crushed by an evil demonic unhuman monster bestfriend.


Peach Girl is not just your typical anime about a girl and a boy falling inlove and becoming a couple but it's all about being crushed by your evil demonic unhuman monster bestfriend.

Even though the couple survives a lot of obstacle and challenges in their lives
there's always a high chance that their happiness is short because there's always a way that this evil demonic unhuman monster bestfriend will get in the way.

If you want to torture yourself like i do then watch this never ending love story of this amazing couple that you thought
that they will live happily ever after but only to see them hurting all over again then watch and enjoy this anime that is allergic to happiness that wants the villain to succeed even until the end.

At first it has great potential to be a great but that potential was flash right a way in the toilet.

PS: To tell you the truth I really enjoyed watching it 'cause the story center in the main characters and it was focus only in romance and I know I'm being harsh but i had high hopes for this anime
'cause the anime gives me the hype and the energy that i want in a certain romance anime but I know I'm being way too critical but the satisfaction that I need that I didn't get, that's why I'm so disappointed and frustrated.