Dec 25, 2014
7amdowh (All reviews)
9/10 or 10/10

Too many beautiful words too little characters developments, that's the best and worst things for this anime.

The anime is amazing and it have a great and fun story,I enjoyed it a lot.
And what makes the anime more awesome is the characters, the characters personalities are outstanding and unique, they also have unique and humorous reaction to things, their reactions always surprise me in a good way.

The plot goes smoothly in the anime, not fast but not too slow. However, i did not notice any characters developments in the anime except for only one character and in the last two episodes only, that's why i didn't want to give the anime 10/10 rating. What i also did not like about this anime is that they did not show how the second guy who joined Rahzel journey met Rahzel, he just popped out of nowhere.

The last episode of the anime left a lot of unanswered questions. it's probably because the manga did not end. I'm guessing plus hoping there would be a second season to the anime.

I will now immediately go read the manga