Nov 9, 2014
TheAwesomeHannah (All reviews)
Story: Go! Go! 575 is about three young girls called Matcha Kobayashi, (Ayaka Ohashi) Azuki Masaoka, (Yuka Ootsubo) and Yuzu Yosano. (Minako Kotobuki) They have fun at a normal, every day setting, with a bath scene almost every episode. To be honest, the story ceases to exist, but I just tried my best to sum the whole series up in a few words.


Art: The art is unique. The animation's creative, and the eyes are vastly detailed and pretty. That's Go! Go! 575's art in just a few words because to be honest, I'm bad at explaining things.



OST - There isn't really much of an OST in this anime, so I'll leave this blank.
Opening - The opening was quite a catchy song indeed. 30 seconds is less than enough.
Ending - This is one of the only anime where it doesn't have an ending song, so I'll also leave this blank.
Voice Acting - You don't want unnecessarily high voices where they sound like 10-year-olds on helium? Well, this is the anime for you. It had great voice acting. Each character sounded different towards each other and each voice matched their personality. The voice actors were perfect for this anime.


Character: Matcha is a calm woman who's just there to please Azuki. Azuki is a happy-go-lucky person who is afraid of kites. And Yuzu? She's a Yuri fangirl! She ships Mazuki! (Matcha X Azuki) She won't stop thinking of Mazuki and whenever Azuki/Matcha asks her what's going on, she just says "It's nothing".


Enjoyment: Although you can finish this anime in less than an hour, I still like it none the less. I think it's an anime that can be enjoyable for everyone.


Overall: I give this anime an 8/10, which means: That was super awesome!