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Jan 26, 2015
Ah, Pretty Cure. It has never failed to make me amused. I'm always excited for a new episode to come out and I always enjoy it. Now that another season finished airing, it's the time for me to write my review.

Story: Young Megumi Aino, age 14, and Hime Shirayuki, age 14, bump into each other unintentionally. They become friends. Soon, Megumi meets Ribbon, her mascot. She is given a Pretty Change Mirror (PreChan Mirror) to transform into the tough Cure Lovely. Hime, who was already a Cure, transforms into Cure Princess. They fight the Saiarks and save the city from destruction.

Overall: 9/10

Art: is extremely read more
Dec 18, 2014
Story: Denki-gai is about a young man named Umio who starts to work at a manga store. He meets some of his friends who are his co-workers. Lot's of slapstick comedy happens within the store, and you never know what's going on.


Art: I don't think I have seen any anime with art as fluffy, light, and cute as Denki-gai's. Denki-gai's art is something unique and difficult to find in other anime. Overall I find Denki-gai's art to be something alright.


OST - It was awesome to listen to. It either made me excited, or scared, the OST was cool and it fits.
Opening - It was a read more
Dec 1, 2014
Story: Recorder to Randoseru Do♪ is the first installment of the Recorder to Randoseru series. It follows a young fifth-grade boy named Atsushi Miyagawa. He looks like a full grown man, being 180cm (About 5'10") tall! And then there is his "big" sister, Atsumi Miyagawa, who is 137cm (About 4'5") tall. However, Atsushi acts his true age.


Art: The art of Recorder to Randoseru Do♪ completely relates to the characters' heights. Since Atsushi looks like an adult, they turned him into a bishounen looking character, who acts his true age. Atsumi looks like a kid, so they turned her into a moe, loli, childish looking character, read more
Nov 9, 2014
Story: Go! Go! 575 is about three young girls called Matcha Kobayashi, (Ayaka Ohashi) Azuki Masaoka, (Yuka Ootsubo) and Yuzu Yosano. (Minako Kotobuki) They have fun at a normal, every day setting, with a bath scene almost every episode. To be honest, the story ceases to exist, but I just tried my best to sum the whole series up in a few words.


Art: The art is unique. The animation's creative, and the eyes are vastly detailed and pretty. That's Go! Go! 575's art in just a few words because to be honest, I'm bad at explaining things.



OST - There isn't really much of an OST read more
Apr 21, 2014
I first heard of Hidamari Sketch when I downloaded a video. It had parodies of an opening of an anime I like, and Hidamari Sketch was on there. Later I rediscovered it by watching/downloading the opening. I thought it was gonna be a good anime, so I slapped it on my "Plan to watch" list. When Hidamari Sketch was next, I gave it a good looking. At first, I didn't finish the first and second episodes because they were boring, but by the time the 3rd episode rolled around it got more and more interesting. So I am gonna write a review on this wonderful read more
Apr 3, 2014
Lucky star. This was not my very first anime, more like my second. When I wanted to watch it was on October 25, 2012, when I was looking at Fukkireta videos and I saw Kagami's and I was like "Meh, why not?" and that is how I got into anime. I did not get most of the references in Lucky star but I still enjoyed it.

Story (7/10)

The story is about four girls who go to a Japanese high school. They talk about random things and go to places. Near the end of every episode there is a mini-show called Lucky Channel, where Akira Kogami, and read more
Apr 2, 2014
Since there are no reviews for this manga, I should go ahead and write one. The manga has 112 members, and I am surprised I found it.

Story: (8/10)

The story is about a girl who just doesn't like the world as it is. She wants to meet some people she would like. So she goes into a maid cafe and meets a woman who she falls in love with. (I admit it, I don't like Yuri X3) The woman she likes works at the maid cafe. The story is not sexual, (Thank goodness) just a woman who serves her at the cafe.

Characters (9/10)

The doujin says nothing read more