Dec 14, 2007
vmyk13 (All reviews)
fans of the manga and the first animated release should watch this. i like the manga of negima so much so here is my review.

story: um i know some are skeptical about this new universe but i found its story very captivating. its battle oriented and a new version of pactio cards made me watch for more.

art: this time the animators got the hair right hahahahaha. unlike in the first anime this series has a darker touch of art and animation which is good for most people. but some fans may find it bleh.

sound: narration, in anime sounds, opening songs, and ending songs are powerful this time which is good. it fits this anime very much.

character: this time some of the characters's orientation are different. which for me is good. they changed nothing major of the manga will just love them all with this version. new characters also appear here in this version which some of them are very odd and funny.

enjoyment: i enjoyed this version much more than the first outing. this one was well planned and a new universe for the characters to play or battle upon is nice.

overall: i had fun to watch this version of the negima series. i loved that they made a battle orriented version of it. and the new pactio cards gave me excitement and fun. and as usual chamo-kun is the anime worlds coolest ermine hahaha.