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Dec 14, 2007
fans of the manga and the first animated release should watch this. i like the manga of negima so much so here is my review.

story: um i know some are skeptical about this new universe but i found its story very captivating. its battle oriented and a new version of pactio cards made me watch for more.

art: this time the animators got the hair right hahahahaha. unlike in the first anime this series has a darker touch of art and animation which is good for most people. but some fans may find it bleh.

sound: narration, in anime sounds, opening songs, and ending songs read more
Dec 13, 2007
ive read an article in the past that samuel l jackson will voice a character named afro samurai. it made me curious because i just dont like english dubbed anime it sounds icky to my ears.

so here is my review

story: i liked the story of the show very classic samurai elements and all. with the mix of new technology elements. and a setting of a world of killing and chaos made me want to watch more.

art: very superb art and the detail is marvelous. the movement of the characters was art itself. the art has a gory element on it so it gives read more
Dec 13, 2007
i will keep this simple

storywise: the story of this anime has elements of the usual magical girl anime and a harem type anime. it has unique styles of characters that i havent seen in any anime yet

art: the art is cute and sometimes when a character goes into embaressment they poof into their chibi version which is cute.

sound: opening and ending songs a good.

characters: characters ah yes. the reason i wrote this the characters in this series are very enjoyable. 1 guy 7++ females with very unique personalities.
i had fun watching this because of of them.

enjoyment: as i said i had fun read more