Aug 13, 2014
BishoooDuck (All reviews)
I am speechless because of this webtoon , Hope I give it justice by what I'll type
This webtoon is a masterpiece , a very underrated one.

What first catches your attention will probably be the beauty of the art , it is what caught my attention , then once you start the first chapters you will be intrigued to continue and never stop.

Simple story from the synopsis yes ? well it gets an easy 10 / 10 from me , and I'm sad I cant possibly give it more than that , I personally adore shocks and goosebumbs more than anything else in a story I read , and even if you ever find similar themes to other mangas the way the author brought all this up is outstanding and one of a kind , This story is not what you think it is , Art of deception is one of the best traits a manga/manhwa author could have and I salute this author for that.

Art : 10 / 10
As I mentioned before its the reason I started it since the synopsis wasn't that intriguing , and it will just suck you in , beautiful designs and characters , eye-catching coloring , and detailed graphics which is a thing I rarely find in webtoons.

Characters : 9 / 10
The characters and relationships in a shoujo manga can either make or break the manga , we all know shoujo mangas that got popular due to these facts alone since most of shoujo stories themselves are similar , characters of this webtoon are unique and their development is great and the author did an amazing job transferring what the character thinks/feels to the reader , and each character almost has his/her screentime somehow , no neglected characters even if the story focuses on some.

Enjoyment : 10/10
Easy 10s Pale horse well done , I dont even remember the last time I read the chapters with this excitement and finished the whole 40 chapters in 3 - 4 hours WITH getting emotional and having so many facial expressions while reading which is rare , truly happy I stumbled on this one.

Overall : 10 / 10 naturally.

Take an advice , leave whatever you are doing if you have the time and give this gem a try and it will be a new experience that you will never regret trying.