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Aug 13, 2014
I am speechless because of this webtoon , Hope I give it justice by what I'll type
This webtoon is a masterpiece , a very underrated one.

What first catches your attention will probably be the beauty of the art , it is what caught my attention , then once you start the first chapters you will be intrigued to continue and never stop.

Simple story from the synopsis yes ? well it gets an easy 10 / 10 from me , and I'm sad I cant possibly give it more than that , I personally adore shocks and goosebumbs more than anything else in a story read more
Jul 21, 2012
As a start am going to say this , I am immature when it comes to writing reviews , neither do I have any long weird hard to understand descriptions to point out am a smart-ass so this will be a very short review , purely because I love this anime and I feel like writing about it , not that it doesn't have high voted reviews already , This Anime is a masterpiece , a real hidden gem of the world of anime , so far so good aren't we ?

It gets a 10 out of 10 easily , because its unique , from read more
Jul 2, 2012
This wont be long , and dont read if u dont want spoilers , Its simply an advice not to read this

I dont mind love triangles , squares , whatever it is and I dont mind pulling my hair because of the situations that occur or tragedies or changes of the character's mind

[ Spoilers ahead ]

The thing is , The main character "Shuuka "is simply a slut , You can not enjoy a manga if the main character was unreasonable , ok am not against being with a different man in the manga all shoujos have those , but the way its read more