May 19, 2009
vaberella (All reviews)
This manga is not special nor did it have any unique quality to it that I found compelling. It's a story of a 15 year old girl who has a silly relationship with a 19 year old guy. The ditzy lead girl is introduced with her crush on a guy she went to school with. However, her college exam Professor (think of him as a Kaplan Professor for the USA brats out there ^_^) seems to have more than a StudentxTeacher relationship in mind, with her . By chapter two things work themselves out after those wacky misadventures built on misunderstandings, confusion, and fickleness. The final chapter, chapter 3, really didn't even bring things together or add depth to the story. There was inconsistency in storytelling where possible story directions were left hanging to give a dry, unmemorable, and rather depressing ending.

Did the story show any promise? If you are looking at art alone, it showed considerable promise although I found the male to see rather too young to be so much older than her. If you're looking at characters, anything can happen and a story plot could have lots of depth. In this case it was a failure across the board besides art. I would not reread this story. I am not that fond of the characters---if you get any thing from them, which I did not.

One thing to note though. If you like StudentxTeacher, specifically female student and male teacher...then this is is a must to complete your collection. I plan on reading all student/teacher stories I can so this fell into the mix. But as you can tell, it had no depth. It's a very shallow piece of writing.