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Aug 23, 2018
This story follows the same art and style of storytelling as it's predecessor, Devil Honey. There is also no real way of understanding this manga without reading Devil Honey.

Although, this makes you think there is a focus on Minoru & Seto's relationship the reader is left feeling duped. However, not unsatisfied. As I said, if you have read Devil's Honey, you are introduced to Minoru's brother Yoshino and his love interest Toshimitsu.

You can't help to fall in love with them again. It's unfortunate they do eat up the time that the mangaka should have given to expanding Minoru & Seto. read more
Aug 2, 2016
I am seriously surprised by the high scores by the other reviewers. Maybe it's because I'm too critical, I'm not to I'll leave that up to you after you read my synopsis and then the manga themselves.

There are really 3 1/2 stories. Basically to the first story which has it's own two chapters: the first from the perspective of the boy and the second from the perspective of the girl. The 1/2 story is actually in connection to those perspectives through inserts throughout each of the chapters. And there are four chapters.

To make it more clear that there are 3 read more
Aug 2, 2016
I want to stress something here! This is not to my massive manga readers, anime watchers, and those who know about Japanese culture and society. This is geared to the noobs or those who don't bother reading up on Japanese culture and society. Considering I'm the first three. I would like to stress this to everyone. First off if you're from the Western World, your schooling system is very different from Japan's. That''s number one. The second thing is that in Japan, the age of consent is 13. For example, a 13 year old girl can have a relationship read more
Mar 25, 2011
I really enjoyed this short story. It takes far less than 10 minutes to read. This is literally a 2.5 minute read and that's if you take the time out to look at the pictures. It is extremely short.

The story is truly adorable. I think for all of us who remember our childhood and how we were attached to that one thing we couldn't live without. You know some people had a doll or a blanket or a baby bottle or toy of some kind. This boy finds something similar and his is a chair. Where he read more
Mar 19, 2011
Mod note: This review was originally created for the manga "Mob for Jack" which has merged into "Pet Keiyaku".

Review for Mob Jack 2 (review for Mob Jack 1 is below): I forgot this was the military section and there is a part 1. This is just gratuitous sex, violent sex at that which happens to be drawn beautifully. There is no story. There is no character development You have a pathetic excuse of a man who is put in situations where he is abused on a continuous basis. It's actually very pathetic. And do to the fact that read more
Mar 19, 2011
I enjoyed this a great deal.

Okay what makes this story great? It's different. You always have stories where girl pursues girl or girl pursues guy. However, you have a girl with the perpetual cold shoulder who is basically unfazed by anything. Even near rape. Then you have a lead man who sees said girl as a challenge he must conquer and does it in a comedic fashion.

Anyone here raised on Pepe le Pew from Looney Tunes and his obsession with a cat who had a stripe on her tail like a skunk? Well you're just about to read the read more
Feb 15, 2011
I really liked this. I mean it wasn't stellar but it is worth the read. Why? Because there's a twist at the end. Lots of pervs will read this expecting something just as described. However, I think everyone should give this a chance even if it's hentai because it's not what you might thing. Even for those who assume incest. You might be in for a surprise. If I divulge more then it would ruin the story. It's a funny and outrageous short---basically tapping into the bored life of certain young people.

It was a fun read more
Oct 24, 2010
I really don't know where to start with this review or end. It's not even fitting. I don't understand how the other reviewer gave it such a commendable response. But it really doesn't deserve it. There are Japanese films that can fall very easily into this genre and they are far more commendable. A guy gets hired, mainly by rejected men or something---or he just takes it upon himself and he basically runs around raping women who seem to love it after ward.

It makes you question the morality of a society and the people who came up with it. read more
Dec 24, 2009
This story is extremely similar to Aishiteruze Baby in that it deals with sibling relationships in particular a teenager with a pre-schooler and of course that teenager dealing with their own need for personal space. The only thing is I find Aishiteruze Baby to be slightly unrealistic. I found the boy to have to easily attached himself to his cousin.

This story gives a rich, dynamic, and ultimately realistic story (hence it is dynamic) to the struggles and sacrifices a teenager must face as a teenager but also as a guardian, de-facto or not, to a preschooler. The other difference to read more
Nov 1, 2009
I think this is one of the best mangas made by this mangaka. Now I was hesitant to read it for a multitude of reasons. One of which was I'm not too fond of her drawings for the male characters at times. This male lead was a bit, unimpressive (to look at) me. Yes, it's a bit superficial of me, but that's whatever, I sucked it up. However, I do know from reading about 3 of other works and reviewing them that her stories are very good, and I mean, overall, well thought out and rich. So I knew read more