Jul 9, 2014
main_antagonist (All reviews)
Coming right off of the un-fulfilling conclusion of the anime, I never really had any high hopes for the manga of Deadman Wonderland. I thought it was going to be another "action and gore trip" just like many of the other manga inspired anime’s I had seen in the past. (I'm looking at you Tokyo Ghoul)

So you can imagine my surprise when I actually started to read it.

It really blew me away with just how much the story could go as far as it did, while still at the same time retaining its ultra-grim and dark tones as the show lead it on to be (hell it was probably even darker than the anime)

The manga brought so many twists and turns that I really ended up caring about many of the characters and their overall fates by the conclusion. It has that Berserk (another amazing manga) type feel, where literally anything can happen at any moment, making many parts (especially near the end) a real treat to read.

Now many viewers maybe a little wary of reading this manga because of its "extreme violence" and "anything can happen" subject matter. If I’m being honest, yes, it can be very gruesome at times (Yes even more then the show). But for those who can stomach such things and press on, you will find that this is definitely a manga that is worth reading.

So yes, I definitely recommend this manga for anyone who likes dark and crazy storylines, and a must read for anyone who liked the show. I give it an 8/10.