Jun 29, 2014
ragesugar (All reviews)
This manhwa was fairly disappointing for a number of reasons. The story was very inconsistent as well as the characters. The main female leads father seemed to suffer from borderline personality disorder and OCD and displays mild abuse to his family in various ways. While this situation at times is made to be funny, it's not very amusing when first being introduced to the character.

The attitude of the main female lead is very annoying throughout the entire story. She is only supposed to a be a year younger than the main love interest, but acts like a selfish child (which is at one point explained due to the fact that her father is a selfish man). They barely have any stable couple relationship and with her father being bipolar he either tells them to get married or forbids them from being anywhere near each other.

Overall, the story was terrible and the only character I could stand personally was the main male love interest who seemed to be the only stable character. Which makes you ponder as to why he ever had interest in the female lead.