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Dec 13, 2014
I just have to start off to say this anime is fairly mediocre. It could have been I started watching it with too high of expectations but I don't think that was the issue.

Over the course of the twelve episodes there is very little plot or development. The two main characters knew each other from middle school and had mutually liked one another only for Kou (the boy) to suddenly move away after Futaba (the girl) caused an awkward scene after he asked her to go to a festival with him.

When Kou returns and Futaba see him she is attached to the past read more
Jul 24, 2014
Firstly I must state that apparently this manga is based off an otome game. While I have read manga that were also based on otome games they had better depth than this one.

It's dreadful. Many things that occur within this manga are never explained. So on the few moments that things start to get interesting, such as the mad baddie character Yamato's background snippets, it never goes further than a few frames displaying a complex character history. This applies to most of the characters so you never really get to know them beyond the few things they cared to put read more
Jun 29, 2014
This manhwa was fairly disappointing for a number of reasons. The story was very inconsistent as well as the characters. The main female leads father seemed to suffer from borderline personality disorder and OCD and displays mild abuse to his family in various ways. While this situation at times is made to be funny, it's not very amusing when first being introduced to the character.

The attitude of the main female lead is very annoying throughout the entire story. She is only supposed to a be a year younger than the main love interest, but acts like a selfish child (which is read more
Jun 28, 2014
While many parts of this manga made me squeal "kyaaaa" at times due to cute or lovey-dovey scenes it is not a manga for those interested in characters and story with depth and complications.

There is never any explanation behind why the two main characters get into a relationship. It literally just happens; boy molests girl, girl suffers a doki doki moment, BOOM, relationship.

There is more depth and story behind the male lead than the female. This gives the feeling that the female lead is simply there for the female reader to "insert self here" with a female lead character so lacking in personality read more
Jun 28, 2014
I usually feel the student/teacher type of manga is overdone and usually boring. However, the depth of the main character's stories were impressive compared to the many other manga I've read. They are flawed and damaged character's, which is rare to find in a manga (especially shoujo).

The artwork is well done compared to some of the manga out there. There isn't anything spectacular, but the artwork is smooth and not distracting other than the very attractive rival male characters (Teacher and Mamura).

While I did cheer for my OTP I knew it would never be, but it was still enjoyable to cheer for read more
Sep 1, 2013
Story: The story seems very much like a reverse harem manga, one girl, 4 suitors to choose from. However, the last vol. takes such a sharp turn in such a random and horrible way that anything enjoyable from earlier chapters is completely wiped out.

Art: The artwork is nicely done.

Character: There is little character development through the story and the 4 suitors have very strong personalities, though the reason for this is explained near the end.

Enjoyment: I enjoyed the manga up until the very last moment which reveals why the 'air girl' is invisible to everyone. The ending was completely out of place and read more
Aug 31, 2013
When I first read a summary about this manga it piqued my curiosity and I began to read it.

Story: 8
Ichiko did something terrible and ran away from home only to be found by a masked stranger and taken to his home where she is offered to live if she does the work of a maid.

Each of those living within this household alll have their reasons for doing so, none moreso than Kohaku, the masked stranger.

The story seems fairly normal, if a bit dramatic in regards to Ichiko's reason for fleeing from her home. There is a nice build up and you are lead to read more
Dec 16, 2012
This manga is very mediocre in it's story and character development. While some things are explained, they are done so in a poor manner (such as in the mother's reason for her actions towards her daughter).

The romance is a case of "instant" love with almost little to no development between the engaged parties. The love rival part of the story is also horribly short and could have easily been left out of the story without really changing much of anything, it just added that the drama that was missing from earlier on in the manga.
Oct 6, 2012
If you are looking for a Manhwa that has instant love without any reason and poor plot/story, then go for it. Overall, the first few chapters were good up until the separation, then from that point it's just one annoying scene after another on repeat.

The romance is pretty much non existent till the very, VERY last chapter.
Sep 26, 2011
Even though the series is very short and the plot/story isn't very complex at all, it is interesting enough to keep you wanting to watch more.

While I originally watched this assuming it was more focused on romance, the comedy kept me laughing each time. There is some romance, but not enough to really enjoy beyond the comedy of the romance itself.