Jun 3, 2014
blazebolt7 (All reviews)
Neko Majin Z focuses around a Neko Majin named Z. Simple enough. In this world, 28 Neko Majins exist, each possessing weak magical powers but powerful martial arts abilities. Meeting up with his friend, they begin to look for money in order to buy some Cola. After running into a Saiyajin couple who recently land, Z and his friend deduce a plan to trick the Saiyajin, who they think are merely tourists, into giving them money by getting their picture taken with a Koala (which Z dresses up as). Wanting a picture to show off to friends, the Saiyajin give Z and his friend a ruby paper weight as payment and the wife picks up Z to get her picture taken. Z grabs the Saiyajin woman's breasts when getting the picture taken which causes the male Saiyajin to loose it and goes Super Saiyajin. After firing a ki blast at Z, he thinks Z is dead, however Z is much more powerful than anyone thought. Thinking that transforming would be fun, Z also goes Super Saiyajin and beats the hell out of the Saiyajin male. After firing a Neko Hame Ha at the Super Saiyajin, Z wins the battle and the two Saiyajin leave Earth. With the ruby paper weight, Z and his friend go out and buy a huge amount of cola, making them very happy.

I found this manga very cheesy in whole. The story wasn't very interesting nor were the characters. The parodies of Dragon Ball were too far-fetched in that a fat and bald Saiyajin had the ability to go Super and even in this form, a fat cat (Z) was able to beat him without trouble. Of course there were instances that you may find funny, such as the grabbing of breasts or the pun on Kame Hame Ha, but humor such as this has been done. Nothing about this manga was original or stimulating. I don't suggest buying it unless you're a die-hard Toriyama fan.