Apr 16, 2009
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About 1 year has passed since I finished watching this anime and now that I am writing this.

I've played Ragnarok Online for several years now 4+
I've read the 10 Ragnarok manga chapters.

This game is just an adaptation of the Ragnarok Online game... every information like the locations, monsters, items, graphics, classes is part of the game.
The story and the characters are original from the anime.

I am considering 7 as average.

Story - 7
Story of those people going in an adventurous journey for the sake of justice and then answering their questions, ok. However the journey itself becomes very lame. They just go around the world (not that much distance is covered hmmm maybe region? I want to say the map of the game), and encounter different lame enemies... they just give me this lame feeling.
Each episode, they encounter a different scene... it gets boring making the whole thing boring.
There was however 1 past fact, flashback that was somehow interesting.

Art - 6
Everything was like taken from the game so I do not see what art it has. It's real art is... adapting a MMORPG into an anime, I'll give it that, but I wish they had done it better... much better.

Sound - 6-7
Other than a possibly good OP, and an ok ED, there was no music that attracted me.
The sound effects were normal, ok.
NO, I lied. I was not particularly paying attention at the sound, and it was 1 year ago. I think it was just normal, anyways 6-7

Characters - 6

Each character has some classic characteristics, and they stick very tightly to those classic attributes. Somehow adapting to their classes.
All classic characters = fail
They never walk out from their classic attributes.
Character development? the very normal one.

Enjoyment - 7

The fighting scenes using magics and swords was ok....
Was nice to see some skills from the game being animated in an anime.
Enjoyed that the story was finally over, and their enjoyment of having achieved something big... although it was like normal people SOMEHOW achieving something extraordinary.

Overall - 7

The anime would have been good for a childhood anime. Good anime for 10- year old childs, it really gave me that feeling. The ideas being resolved were at that level.