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Apr 16, 2009
About 1 year has passed since I finished watching this anime and now that I am writing this.

I've played Ragnarok Online for several years now 4+
I've read the 10 Ragnarok manga chapters.

This game is just an adaptation of the Ragnarok Online game... every information like the locations, monsters, items, graphics, classes is part of the game.
The story and the characters are original from the anime.

I am considering 7 as average.

Story - 7
Story of those people going in an adventurous journey for the sake of justice and then answering their questions, ok. However the journey itself becomes very lame. read more
Apr 16, 2009
About 1 week has passed since I finished the anime and I am writing this.

Ga-Rei -Zero-

First impression of this anime was a really normal one =). Good anime to watch if you got time and need some action.
Is your destiny decided from the second you were born? Is it possible to change your fate? What if someone you love tried to kill you?

Story - 8
A typical story that was going fluently, and was then distorted by some evil, extraordinary event. A story where this happy life cannot last for ever and things had to change. Struggles of friendship and sacrifices; dilemmas.
How the episodes started read more