Apr 4, 2014
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It ended. I really ended. After forcing me to laugh so hard every episode, it disappeared just like that. Well, I'm not going to talk about the emptiness in my life or how desperate and lonely i'am after watching the last episode, but instead, I'm going to give you all some insights on the anime by writing this review.

I'm going to start by the story first. To be honest, it's kinda' hard writing about the main idea of the story. Why? BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAVE MUCH OF A STORY. Okay here it goes.

High school country delinquent, Kazama Kenji thinks that he got what it takes to be the strongest and the sole ruler of Fujou High. Kenji, despite of having no special traits whatsoever and frequently considered to be a norm, is the leader of the infamous “Kazama Gang”. Together with his two long-time friends who are also in the gang, it seems that nothing could possibly go wrong. That is until one day, the gang bumps into a Game Development Club consisting of four ‘unique’, or to be frank, strange -elemental freak- girls with their overly brute and outrageous behaviors. Kenji could probably be able to say goodbye to his hopes and dreams by the moment he was forced (I really mean by force) to joined the club.

Despite of what i wrote above, this anime isn’t about any of those ‘ruling the school’ thing. This is the story of a boy who believes that he, himself is an ‘infamous’ delinquent at Fujou High. Instead of acting like one, he spends his days of high school slacking off and playing meaningless games in the club that he was forced to joined. Sometimes he also acts like a good guy and the others will say "aren't you supposed to be a delinquent?".
Reluctant at first, he soon finds the club and it’s member to be exciting and interesting and also often defends it from the others who tries to destroy(disband) it. Well maybe not, but one thing for sure is that Kenji isn’t living a normal high school life.

D-Frag is an example of an anime that actually has no meaningful plot at all. It mainly (almost every time) revolves around Kenji, playing board games and throwing limitless funny punch lines at everyone around him until sometimes he literally ran out of breath. Yeah, i think that’s all i can say about the story, nothing more. But that’s not the point. What makes this anime to be considered a very entertaining one is that such plot contains such humorous jokes that surely hit the mark every time and aren't predictable. Behaviours that you don’t see every day will make you burst into tears of happiness.

The artwork in this anime is not what you can say as a masterpiece, not even close. It’s plain, simple, but still very comfortable to see. It seems that Animes such as these aren't in a need of great and extraordinary art. Character’s design are very enjoyable and hilarious to see. Ranging from cute to roguish, bald to long-haired... i don’t really know how to describe in words coz' i find that some are ‘indescribable’, well maybe because they're just a bunch of random people.

Voice actors did a great job in their voice acting. They make a great impression on how the characters are. What really caught my attention is definitely Kenji’s punchlines, so random yet so funny to hear. Not only the voice acting, the soundtracks fits the anime perfectly too. The Opening is very joyful, cheerful, energetic, and funny. It really makes the mood before watching the anime. The ED is sang by the seiyuus and that makes it even more interesting to hear.

Characters is what to be called ‘unique’ or maybe simply random. None of the characters have a normal personality as that of a high schoolers and it effectively supports the comedy which is the main focus of the anime. If you’re hoping for character’s developement, you're looking in the wrong place, my friend. Character development in this anime is so small that it could be considered as none..... But you wouldn't even mind anyway :D.

Story : 8
Art : 7
Sound : 8
Characters : 8
Enjoyment : 10
Overall : 9

D-Fragments or D-Frag! or ディーふらぐ! is a very funny and enjoyable comedy-anime. It is indeed the best example of a comedy anime which can be considered as a 'good'. Personally it's my favorite in this winter season. If you think you have a reasonable sense of humor and is looking for an anime that could make you laugh until you lose your common sense, without no doubt i recommend you this anime!

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