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Alternative Titles

English: D-Frag!
Synonyms: D-Frag!, D-Fragments
Japanese: ディーふらぐ!


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 7, 2014 to Mar 25, 2014
Premiered: Winter 2014
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Funimation
Studios: Brain's Base
Source: Manga
Genres: GameGame, ComedyComedy, SchoolSchool, SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.601 (scored by 153232153,232 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #12712
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #413
Members: 300,053
Favorites: 2,137
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Apr 4, 2014
BadabumBadabicch (All reviews)
It ended. I really ended. After forcing me to laugh so hard every episode, it disappeared just like that. Well, I'm not going to talk about the emptiness in my life or how desperate and lonely i'am after watching the last episode, but instead, I'm going to give you all some insights on the anime by writing this review.

I'm going to start by the story first. To be honest, it's kinda' hard writing about the main idea of the story. Why? BECAUSE IT DIDN'T HAVE MUCH OF A STORY. Okay here it goes.

High school country delinquent, Kazama Kenji thinks that he got what it takes read more
Mar 24, 2014
MotherOfUltra (All reviews)
"So, I think we're going to start the king's game now.
this game has a number of sticks in which one is inscribed the king. The rest are commoners. The commoners should follow the king's command at all cost. But since there are only two players this time, we are going to go with a simple game where the one who draws the king will win.
...So why the hell are these two ready to kill each other?!?!?"
-From D-Frag

First of all, let me put the summary of this whole anime in one sentence.


...Then, before I actually begin, let me explain that because read more
May 25, 2014
bloody_Venus55 (All reviews)
"Just Finish Watching D-Frag"

Looking at the poster thinking that maybe this is just your another typical Comedy anime but No
after watching all 12 episode, I was stunned how Marvelous it is.....

This anime has no doll moments at all...Every episode is worth dying to see 'cause how great and enjoyable it is.
The only downfall is that there's only 12 episode they should do more maybe a hundred lol.
I don't know why they stop....maybe the budget or the ratings but who cares they should do more and can't w8 for
the next season...

D-frag has no main story at all... It's all about the characters goofing read more
Nov 25, 2015
Nervin (All reviews)
While searching for a comedy based anime, I stumbled across one with a strange title: D-frag. The premise seemed unappealing and boring, with a generic setting that didn't promise anything spectacular. Nevertheless, intrigued by the title of it, I began watching it, and I can say I was pleasantly surprised. D-frag is comedy/harem anime, though it is not your typical ecchi/comedy anime out there. So what makes it hilarious? I will try to explain it below.


First of all the comedy is based on the manzai, where a "Tsukommi" (straight man) retorts the actions of the "Boke" (funny man) who creates a funny situation. This is read more
Oct 6, 2014
lagcrazy (All reviews)
Am I the only one who thought this anime was going to have explosions and have a war-like theme? Yeah? Oops. With the title D-Frag!, I thought this would have something to do with a hand grenade. Nope. It's one of those one-guy-bunch-o-girls-in-club anime and I was putting it off until one of my friends suggested it, claiming it was hilarious.

Story: 8/10
Sigh. Not again... The plot definitely did not interest me at all. I've watched plenty of shows where a guy goes into a club with a bunch of girls in it, yadeeyada. Despite the synopsis being so bland, I found that the actual read more
Nov 4, 2015
Zaku88 (All reviews)
Feeling a little tired of late? Having trouble keeping thoughts organized? Well perhaps you need to D-Frag, or so the title seems to suggest. This show is a Haganai/Seitokai no Ichizon type clone with overly vivid personalities and a rather unique combination of attempted coolness and comedic cuteness. Basically, a supposed wannabe delinquent, with Sonic the Hedgehog sharp hair, named Kenji is coerced into joining a game development club. Except that they don't really develop games. Rather, they just lounge around and occasionally play some games, and occasionally get into trouble with other groups.

If you're looking for a very lighthearted slice of life with some read more
Aug 2, 2014
Yourchinguxd (All reviews)
One of the most underrated animes ever. This anime will make you laugh so hard that the twelve episodes zoom by way too fast. I definitely recommend this anime to those that enjoy a protagonist who tries to act badass when he really isnt and really weird characters.

Story - In terms of the story, it is very weak as expected of a comedy.
It's focus is on the Game Creation Club and doesn't seem to progress anything further than that. There is some romance to it, but overall it is just comedy. Even though it sounds so bland and boring, you tolerate it because the ride read more
Mar 24, 2014
mercury1980 (All reviews)
"Love to fight! Love to fight! I love to FIGHT!"

This is actually from the opening of this anime. The name is "Stalemate" by IOSYS jk Girls. D-Frag or D-Fragments is one of the anime that I enjoyed watching in the winter season anime as stated in my previous Noragami review. However, I didn't enjoy this anime fully as I did with most anime that I have watched.

D-Frag was directed by Seiki Sugawara and was produced by Brains Base who did some wonderful anime like "My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU" which is a high school slice-of-life comedy just like the anime I am reviewing now.

STORY (5):

The read more
Apr 25, 2020
kairyu_gen1 (All reviews)
So, I just watched D-Frag!, it's a show I vaguely remember hearing about when it came out and then basically nothing. Every time it did come up, it sounded like another run of the mill high school comedy that runs on clichés and doesn't bring much new to the table, but I'm going to try and explain why D-Frag! might be my favorite comedy anime of all time.

It starts out simple enough, there's a club about to be shut down due to lack of members. It's full of cute girls, one of whom explicitly says she's gonna miss doing nothing. On the other side, you've read more
May 18, 2019
vitriolcocktail (All reviews)
This anime has a great sense of humor. Often it's over the top and goofy but that's part of the charm. A lot of the gags are very well written.

There's not much of a plot to this anime, so don't watch it if you're looking for story progression. It's more or less episodic, but the writing is so unpredictable that it doesn't matter. It's hectic and it keeps you interested for the entire episode.

The artwork is plain but functional. The music and sound isn't anything exceptional but it's well done and that's all that really matters.

The voice acting is outstanding, especially for Kenji.

There's a sprinkling read more
May 5, 2015
DastardlyEmu (All reviews)
"D-Frag!" An anime that I was very skeptical about at first, even after watching the first two episodes I was trying to understand. I had no idea what was going on, but for some odd reason I still continued to watch, and I enjoyed every moment of this anime. It's not too often that I find and anime where I am laughing through every single episode.

Story: 10

Now first off we have the story, some people might not believe this has a solid storyline or any sort of plot so to speak, but after watching an Anime such as this you can just tell how much read more
Mar 31, 2014
RazorRamona200 (All reviews)
Love to fight, love to fight, I love to fight..........

Does anybody think that there are certain anime that would be better off as mangas, well, this is one of them, what it is basically something whose plot were pretty random and it only rides on one particular character, in fact this anime is depended on that particular character as he goes around being a typical victim of his club's antics, so no more fucking around and I'm gonna be presenting my ratings for each of this anime's category:

Poor 3:

Story:.........Simply, there isn't any and it would be better to forget what this anime's genre is.

Sound: Though, read more
Apr 5, 2014
hublaa (All reviews)
Okay, it's finished. I can't stand that D-Frag! is finished but the fact is yes, it's finished. After making me laughed so hard that my mom come to my room to say "Hey, son. Do you go insane now?" once a week, now is the time it's finished. So before starting the review, let me tell you how I feel before deciding to watch D-Frag! as my winter's anime.

I always look at the genre of an anime before watching it, I started to watch D-Frag! cause some of the genres are School and Comedy. Yeah, I'm a lonely guy without girlfriend or else so at read more
Dec 8, 2014
Cenzora (All reviews)
i really enjoyed D-Frag! i thought at first it was weird but as the situations progressed to be more and more ridiculous i found my self hooked on to this anime
the story is about kazama kenji a boy in high school who likes to think of himself as a "delinquent" he decides to visit a game club to see if he can "borrow" some manga and games but little did he know he just walked into the "Game Development Club(temp)" a club full of weird girls who think they have different elemental affinities they coerce him into joining their club where many strange happenings read more
Mar 24, 2014
PyraXadon (All reviews)
Hello Everyone, I'm PyraXadon, a blue fire type. Today on MAL reviews, I will be talking about, probably one of the most interesting and random, but enjoyable animes out there. Everyone, this is D-fragments!

Story (7.76/10): The story of D-fragments, or D-frag in its shorter name, is about a second year by the name of Kazama Kenji, who aspires to be a delinquent at his school with his friends Nagayama and Yokoshima, as the Kazama Clan, or whatever they're called. They're not really well known. It is then that Kenji meets a little girl by the name of Roka, who offers him read more
Nov 11, 2015
-Remix- (All reviews)
Welp, first review - I'll try to keep this short and straight to the point. Hopefully this will be somewhat effective. I'll try to keep this spoiler-free, so apologies if I sound rather vague.

Fast-paced and light-hearted, D-Frag! is a surprising comical piece that never failed to amuse. The main characters are lively, humorous, and full of fun retorts. Although it does not have a slice-of-life tag, it practically is one - after all, this anime follows the daily adventures of the members of the (Fake) Game Creation Club. And unlike other slice-of-life anime, most of the episodes are loosely stringed together (although I wouldn't go read more
Aug 7, 2015
malikkkk27_ (All reviews)
"We're a group of geeks with ambition, despair, and angler fish... Just Kidding" D-frag OP

After watching 12 episodes, this by far is one a hell roller-coaster ride.

Even though this show doesn't have any plots or arcs, this show is towards more on Comedy, just like Nichijou and Daily Lives of High school boys. The gags, reactions really made me lol, Fanservice? There is one massive oppai, one flat oppai and the rest are normal. Sadly this series has no beach scene. Well, doesn't matter anyway, this series is enjoyable. Otherwise, directing and script is well prepared.8/10

The art is not really interesting, but for a read more
Jul 6, 2014
omgdidyouhear (All reviews)
Loud, funny, predictable at times, but still adorable and satisfying. Despite the close relationship that anime fans have to gaming, it's rare to see an anime dedicated purely to the subject. However, D-Frag is a show where games and the world of gaming is the basis for a funny and refreshing spin on the school club anime scene.

The story starts with Kenji, a so-called delinquent, who has recently moved to the city with his friends. They aren’t really bad people; they merely want the mystique that is attached to those sorts of people. Kenji and companys' appearance breathes hope into their club, but however, their read more
Dec 18, 2014
DaJetBoy (All reviews)
Overall, I have to give this anime a seven, although at times i wanted to give it a 6 and other times a 8.

Comedy wise, this is is pure gold!!!! I laughed quite a few times during every episode!!! Kenji really keeps it real and I love how he shouts at almost everything XD Without kenji, this anime would suck ass. imagine putting like densuke from eiken or any weakling anime main character and it would be a total embarrassment. The supporting characters are hit or miss, and I really blame this for only being 12 episodes! It felt a little compressed, and thus some read more
Oct 7, 2018
Astraea_ (All reviews)
Recently I've been trying to shave off some anime from the PTW list that look like garbage or just anime that I know I won't like. Looking at D-Frag's image alone and the for some reason the name just put a bad taste in my mouth. Surprisingly when I checked that this had a decent score of 7.70 I decided to give it a chance and it's good that I did.
Story: 7
D-Frag's story is very simple and that's surprisingly a good thing. Normally I get irritated at some harem anime for taking themselves way too seriously or some other animes that don't have any read more