Mar 22, 2014
Klaun (All reviews)
Steins;Gate is still one of my favorite series of all time because it makes you cry, laugh and feel something you've never felt before. In the time I finished steins;gate series, I decided to watch this.

This OVA is perfect to watch after you finish series, because it's happening just after it all ended. You just get this feeling like:" I missed you all ". I was a bit skeptical about this OVA, but I'm not disappointed, because this made me cry once more. There is no real plot or something interesting so anyone who didn't watch series, don't watch this neither.

Characters are still the same, Okabe is a "mad-scientist" with this charismatic voice and funny acts, Daru is a pervert who still likes Faris, Mayuri is still a lovely girl who cares a lot about her friends and Kurisu is still denying being Okabe's assisstant.

I can't explain how much I enjoy listening to the ending song, it just brings so many memories, ESPECIALLY after this flawless end of the OVA that just makes you feel better. (If you have been depressed after you finished series)

How can you not enjoy this anime? I simply don't understand. Everything is perfect, characters are just so well made, everyone of them has their personage that makes them special in so many ways. I just want to recommend this anime to everyone who enjoy this genre, because steins;gate will always be the 1# anime for me.