Feb 11, 2014
-SINS- (Manga) add (All reviews)
Skarbleface (All reviews)
This one shot was a nice read. The concept could have gone further, but I don't blame the author for trying to make an end that could get his one shot made into a series. The art style was up to par with some of the bigger titles, by that I mean it was clean, clear, concise and had interesting character designs. Overall, its worth a read.

Story 5/10
The major thing holding it back was that it's a one shot otherwise it could have gotten a better score. There where slightly too many concepts that weren't fully explored/explained for it to have a good score here. You could see that there where many concepts to be explored and it would have worked fine had it been continued.

Art 7/10
Overall the art is one of the good points of this one shot. It was a clean, clear, concise while retaining enough detail to give it a good feel. This style that would have made it possible to have been continued as a series.

Character 6/10
The characters where fun and simple, but yet again since it was a one shot it becomes much harder to have some good character development or presentation. I liked Sara Tanjuro as a character, nice and funny with a possible cool side in combat. However, the other characters didn't stand out all that much.(well there was also that teacher with the weird hairdo but we didn't see him much.)

Overall it gives a nice one shot that had some decent potential.