Jan 24, 2014
gwern (All reviews)
A disappointment. The premise sounds good, and like it could lend itself to a Swiftian satire of modern society, provide interesting contrasts between the poverty and inequity of the stock fantasy medieval setting and the world now, do fish-out-of-water and lowered-status gags, but instead, it's an inept package. The worldbuilding is nonexistent; the lead character *completely* implausible (there's *not even* a scene where he decides to become a hardworking peasant, much less a scrap of justification for abandoning world conquest for the joys of McDonald's) and adapts instantly & unamusingly to his new world ('gift of tongues', please), and the tsundere Hero is little better (he killed your family for no good reason, handing you an umbrella is not a reason to fall for him!); it indulges in the excuse of 'oops used up all my power repairing stuff' what, 3 or 4 times? which is 2 or 3 times more than it should've; the 'dialogue' is moronic (so, the final member of the harem is reproached for being an assassin for whom the end justifies the means just like for the demon? yes, yes, how very accurate - wait a second, when the deuce were we told the demons *had* any ends beyond bestial lust/greed/ambition?); and finally and worse of all: the comedy is bad. How many times is it funny to have Ashiya puke or talk about coupons, or have Lucifer order something online? Apparently 3 episodes' worth - except the series has 13 episodes.

If you just want the fantasy highschool romcom, stick to _Shakugan no Shana_. For fish-out-of-water, _Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid_ comes to mind as much funnier. For action... well, pretty much any series will do better. For world conquest by a misunderstood villain, _Maoyuu Maou Yuusha_sounds like it's at least thought-out. For economics, _Spice and Wolf_. For business lessons, _Moshidora_. _Hataraku Maou-sama!_ does nothing well.