Jan 17, 2014
Tactics (Anime) add (All reviews)
flowerakane (All reviews)
I came across this series accidentially, while I was looking for action anime. At first I feel hestitate to watch it, since I don't really like the style of old anime (it's the effect of watching modern series with modern technology and design), but after I read the synopsis, I decided to give it a try. I am a sucker for strong demon and demon buster, I have always loved series involving these two categories.
I am really glad to have watched it, since it's unexpectedly great :D

Story: 7
The story mainly focused on the relationship between Ichinomiya Kantarou and Haruka. Ichinomiya has always been looking for Haruka, the one told as The strongest demon. When He finally met Haruka, He made Haruka to help him in his side job as Demon buster, the series has different story in each episode. and all of them mainly based on the story of them helping people that has been troubled by the strange phenomenon cause by demon/spirit.

Character: 8
I really love the relation of the two main characters, Kantarou and Haruka. They give off such a fresh atmosphere when they interact with each other. There isn't many development on their personality through the series, however if we see it from different view, I think that it is one of a good point. Because Kantarou sees Haruka as his friend and partner, while Haruka tough at first seen Kantarou as his master (since Kantarou the one who freed him), but little by little it became natural for him to stay with Kantarou and help him, and he seemed had forgotten that Kantarou is only his master.
The other main character on this series are Kantarou home maid Youko, whom a fox demon. And Suzu Edogawa, the daughter of noble. These characters also have a great role in the series, they are one the reason why I keep wanting to continue this series, since their action and behaviour are so cute and fun to see.
The supporting character in this series is also great, they support the main character and make the whole series become complete, I really love all the characters on this series :D

Art: 8
The art and character design are great, considering it's an old series, they design the character very beautiful, and my favorite is Haruka. H ei such a hottie ;)

Sound: 7
The soundtrack of OP/ED and the back sound are fine, I won't say its really great, but they all fit with the mood and the whole atmosphere on this series, that's why I give it 7

Enjoyment: 9
This series is a light series, tough it's a mystery but its not scary at all, instead its a fresh series and helps you to enjoy your free time. If you guys have been busy with a lot of activity, and looking for anime that can help you have a good time, and makes you feel good, then this anime is for you :D

Overall: 8
I gave this anime score 8 (very good) cause this anime gave me such a good time and it cheers me up after such a heavy time.. :D