Jan 6, 2014
Maninmotion (All reviews)
This is my first ever review.

Before I go into the specifics I would like to say one thing. All of these are my own beliefs and I do not expect anyone to completely agree with them or agree with them at all. But as a person who have watched almost all genre of anime, and countless number of shows (I do not really feel like adding all to my profile), I believe my opinion may help someone who has trouble deciding Baccano is worth their time or not.

Storytelling style:

Unlike most 12 to 16 episode shows, it tells multiple stories. You might be thinking that it would be rushed and confusing to fuse multiple stories in one short anime. In a way it is true. Most characters are not able to develop and sticks with the personality the show started with. If you are not paying attention the story can easily confuse you. The transition between story arcs are very brief, making it somewhat unsettling when it switches over.

The actual story line:
As I mentioned before, there are multiple separate story lines. It amazed me when they all fit in so perfectly like a puzzle. Instead of multiple stories that were completely irrelevant to each other (eg. Darker than Black), they all came together and finished as one story. The conclusion however, was somewhat disappointing due to the lack of closure with certain characters.

Every character has their own unique personality(obviously). But the huge problem I had was the lack of character development. Off course all the characters are lovable, but it does get old after the first few episodes. I would say 90% of the characters will stay the same throughout the show. Their beliefs and actions are already set on the first episode and doesn't change. I understand the difficulty of cramming in character development on top of multiple stories in a short anime. But because it lacks character development, you can easily predict what the he/she will do ahead of time.

The soundtrack is simply marvelous. I don't think I have ever been this addicted to an opening in my life.

Do i recommend it?
I would recommend Baccano if they ask for my opinion. I have been very critical, but the overall experience of the show is very good. The complex yet simple story lines will hook you instantly. The characters are lovable and the soundtrack makes you want to dance.Yes, the show definitely has flaws. But every show has flaws.