Feb 9, 2009
Tsira (All reviews)
The basics of the story were actually not to bad. Two boys who are bound to each other, a girl with some special powers who starts to help them. Nothing I wouldn't like there.
The story is short, but though I like short, this one was just too short. There is a big open ending, and when you are finished you have the feeling you still don't know anything.

The series are drawn pretty good. I thought the boys where a bit to skinny, but overall the drawings never annoyed me.

The opening and ending theme never appealed me, but I guess that especially the opening theme fitted the story. What I really hated was the voice of Michiru (Japanese). In all the animes I watched I never had a voice I really didn't like, so it was quite a surprise for me it was possible.

You only get to know a little of the characters. I guess the story was to short to take a deeper look in there pasts.
Michiru was a very annoying character. Perhaps if you like extremely dumb girls, who scream a lot, cry a lot about nothing, get used by others, and have no guts at all, this series is something you should definitely see.

I was glad the serie was short, because otherwise I wouldn´t have watched the whole thing. The episodes I liked a bit better where the lasts ones with the grim reaper. He was kind of cute :P.

I rarely give a bad mark to a animé series, but this is an exception. If they had changed the character and voice of Michiru and developed the story better this series could have easily had a 7. Unfortunately this wasn't the case and it's really a shame.