Nov 2, 2013
projectandu (All reviews)
This is an anime that needs patience.It took me 4 months to finaly finish the first episode.The story has a really slow start and pace, but it develops beautifully.Even if I feel like it took it 19 episodes to really begin it , those episodes being only setup,it has some awesome plot twists.The theories are very interesting.The characters are developed really well and the art is perfect.
But, it is not perfect. I found out that when he gives his memories to the past/one in another time line,we never see what happens to the Okabe,um,sorry,Hououin Kyouma that gave them.I think that he is very sad,espacially during the first time leap.I find it really unrealistic to compres 3.2 terras into a few kilo.
Other than that,this is a masterpiece and a must watch anime for anyone that loves them.
P.S:This is only my 3rd review and I hope I did well and thank you for reading :)