Oct 15, 2013
YukiKazuto (All reviews)
MOD EDIT: *The review contains spoilers*

This manga is very interesting, to that fact that it investigates many issues found in society to depth and allows to you see the more darker and disturbing things in life. However, what makes this manga interesting is that it was somehow able to make this into a semi-comedic manga, with funny quirks in between.

This manga is aimed at the seinen bracket, and so those who are weak hearted, i will advise to turn away from this as this story, in all honesty, does depict some of the more horrible and cruel things in life.

You probably have already read the synopsis of this manga, so i won't bore you with the fundamental plot. I'm also not going to try and revel any spoilers, as i found that this manga was still a very good overall manga. It shows the more "lecherous" side of humans, and this series contains a lot of heartbreaking moments, and a lot of immoral moments. Ultimately, the male protagonist does end up with the female protagonist, but the obstacles of morality and even love come into play which drags this series along. That being said, the obstacles i mentioned are somewhat sad, as you would expect, but also somewhat immoral, which is why i'd only advise this manga to those who are strong hearted.

Found the art perfect for this type of mature manga, and it certainly was able to portray the characters in the fashion which they were best portrayed.

As i said previously, this manga does deal with some of the darker truths in life and so many of the characters could be considered "dark". My main objection with the characterization was that it seemed like the author had forcefully added faults to the characters, as some of the situations and character backgrounds seemed unrealistic, and just plain weird. My other objection is one that really cannot be solved unless i spoil some of the story. However i believe that objection cannot really be solved by anyone apart from the society issues in japan, which probably forced the author to write such a thing (if you want to know more, message me).

Despite all the sadness and heartbreaks in the story, i still found every arc of the story enjoyable, in the sense that the author really did prioritize drama in this series, and the way it was portrayed made me very happy.

Therefore, to conclude i would like to say that Nozoki Ana was a very good manga, probably somewhere in my top 10. It defiantly dives into some of the more darker issues and so it does seem somewhat darkish. But if you have time on your hands, and you wish to feel your heart ache then mend again, read all 117 chapters, and i promise you that you wouldn't regret it