Oct 14, 2013
bizarrequazar (All reviews)
Every so often, we encounter someone in our lives who we're never properly able to let go of, no matter how much we want to. A sudden reunion with a former upperclassman spurs a whirlwind of events in Yozora no Summiko de, a story about love, responsibility, and memories.

The story is a simple one done well. An elementary school teacher has by chance reunited with a former friend whom he had romantic feelings for only to learn that this friend is the father of one of his students. Due both to a rough parting and the binds of their current professional relationship, they have difficulty accepting one another back into their lives. On on hand is Hoshino, still trapped in the past relationship they shared. On the other is Akihiro, who has the responsibility of his troublesome son and wishes simply to leave the past behind.

"He was like a star to me: always shining, always so bright. Always out of reach."

The art is something that some people will love while some might be annoyed. It's reminiscent of a sketchbook in some ways, lacking crisp, defined lines, with the panels often being disjointed. It looks messy, but not in a way that's accidental or ugly, and as the series progresses and the author uses even more artistic imagery, it's nothing short of beautiful. Especially pleasing to the eye are the sadly few colour pages which resemble water colour paintings.

The characters are well done and believable, with each having a distinctly different design and personality from the others. The steps they take throughout fit with their motivations and former actions and the verisimilitude is always high. These aren't the most complicated characters ever, but they're also not at all static or two-dimensional.

Overall, this is an absolutely gorgeous series capable in places of bringing it's reader to tears and, while never becoming too dark or being preachy in it's messages, it maintains a poetic, almost dreamlike air to it all the way through.