Sep 29, 2013
connielas (All reviews)
In every manga there are two things which I really judge and those are the story and the art. In this manga, it showed a magnificent story but with the art.. well not so much.Wait, I shouldn't bash up my point already..This is only the start of my review.

"We Were There" or "Bokura Ga Ita" has a very amusing and phenomenal title that really gives off that refreshing and relieving feeling that suits the taste of every Shojo Manga lover. But of course, the title isn't the only one that's phenomenal and uniquely developed and believe me.. the story is as magnificent as its title. It centers on high school life, a teenage love story and a twisted plot will make your head bang on the computer table, laptop screen or you'll just make a serious face every time a very unpredictable scene comes up. There are also mature sides in this manga and I'm sure people could catch up with it and handle it. What makes the story different is that it has a very dramatic sense of telling the story and there may not be a lot of comedic moments but it has an artistic style of capturing the highlights and the climax of the story. I don't know if I've seen a manga like this before and honestly I haven't. It's pretty original from the beginning to the end. Unrequited Love is truly present in this manga.The author has her way with words that made me absorbed the sad scenes and the emotional message of the characters. I can say that no words could describe the greatness of the story.

The drawings or rather the art is stylish and exceptional. The chapters that are near the end didn't have beautiful sketches. It was inconsistent and I had a hard time reading it maybe because it's a bit rushed. I think the author concentrated more on the story than the art. I believe that it's not perfect but it is not that bad either.

The characters were extremely enjoying to watch and fun to observe. It's hard to believe that a character can make the readers feel sensitive about the story besides the fact that it's only an anime character. If I were to grade or to choose which character was the best actor/actress, I think it's Yano. His complicated and bipolar personality almost depict a real person. I feel as though as if I'm looking at an award-winning actor. On the other hand,Takahashi Nanami is a typical shojo character who seem pretty normal but resides as the only girl in Yano's eyes. Takeuchi is another character whom I think deserves better (you may not know what i'm talking about but you will if you read this manga.). He is smart and conservative but he always gives up the girl he wants because the girl never chooses him. It's just fantastic that the ending gave a highlight for him even just for a little peek.

I can't say I got bored in this manga because if I did then I wouldn't have completed it. I really enjoyed the comedic acts of the characters and their honesty. The truth of life is what I witnessed in this manga and how true love really exist and how the words "if its meant to be then it's meant to be" because in this life you can truly meet your soul mate if you won't give up.

Overall, It's almost perfect but the art ruined it for me. I just hope you guys can have the luxury to read this manga because it's such a classic and a fine manga to read. Shojo fan or not, you will enjoy it if you just give it a try. The story, the characters and the drama will keep you coming back for more.