Aug 31, 2013
ragesugar (All reviews)
When I first read a summary about this manga it piqued my curiosity and I began to read it.

Story: 8
Ichiko did something terrible and ran away from home only to be found by a masked stranger and taken to his home where she is offered to live if she does the work of a maid.

Each of those living within this household alll have their reasons for doing so, none moreso than Kohaku, the masked stranger.

The story seems fairly normal, if a bit dramatic in regards to Ichiko's reason for fleeing from her home. There is a nice build up and you are lead to be curious about why Kohaku wears a mask. I will warn you that you will not his his face till almost the very end of the manga, but the scene where he reveals his face is a powerful one.

Art: 9
The artwork is fine, though I personally did not care much for Ichkio's hair style, but that is simply personal taste. The eyes are not drawn successfully in a few 'close up' frames making them appear almost hollow while a character's facial expression shows one of joy, giving a weird creepiness when these close ups occur. That being said there aren't too many of these and after a while they aren't nearly as distracting as you progress through the manga.

Character: 10
I love all the characters in this manga! While many of the support characters don't have their backgrounds explained, they are still wonderfully developed characters with an important background role to the main characters. Kohaku's personality is incredibly complicated but this is only ever explain through the support characters.

Enjoyment: 9
This is a manga where I would read it again (and there are only a few that make me do this). I was never bored with a single chapter or volume as there aren't too many 'filler' moments.