Jul 12, 2013
Bristle (All reviews)
Yuyushiki is a feel good show and a half. At the same time I really started to get into this I was listening to a ton of David Bowie when I thought up of a weird analogy: Yuyushiki is to Slice of Life what Scary Monsters is to David Bowie's 70's career. It's a perfect combination of all the best elements with a fresh execution put into a neat package. Granted, I put Scary Monsters as the greatest Bowie album of all time but I don't put Yuyushiki as the greatest Slice of Life of all time, and Slice of Life Anime is no David Bowie in itself.

... Where was I? Oh, yeah. Yuyushiki was just something I eagerly anticipated and enjoyed each and every week. It felt familiar. It felt like Azumanga Daioh, it felt like Lucky Star, it felt like Hidamari Sketch, it felt like K-ON! and it felt like Yuru Yuri all at the same time. It was like a beautiful homage to Slice of Life Anime, and yet it felt like a new experience. Some will call this blatantly ripping them off, but it feels like it aspires to pay tribute to the genre in mimicking the humour, atmosphere and slight boredom of the aforementioned Slice of Life's.

I uh... what should I say... it's a typical Slice of Life situation... I guess I'll give it 6/10.

A lot of people were bothered by the art, but not me. I thought it looked nice and had plenty of nice colour and personality. To me a real sight for sore eyes it is.

The sound gives the nice subtle touches to the atmosphere. Love the opening and ending songs,. I absolutely adore Minami Tsuda's voice, especially her singing voice.

Character is the most important part of a Slice of Life, and Yuyushiki has plenty of that. Yui Ichii feels a lot like another character Tsuda voices, Yui Funami, only she feels a little softer and easier to crack than Yui Funami. Yuzuko and Yukari perfectly compliment this character in their goofy antics, and together all three lead girls really feel like they have a real genuine and fun friendship.

Much like any quality Slice of Life. Sometimes you laugh, sometimes you'll love the atmosphere and sometimes you feel a content boredom watching it. All in all, just simple fun.

So that's all I have to say about Yuyushiki. It's everything Slice of Life Anime is. If that's your bag, then this is worth a go. If it's not your thing... perhaps you should stay away.

Overall: 9/10