Dec 8, 2008
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Kimi7ko (All reviews)
Now when you see what ive rated this manga you will probably think that im being abit too Lenient but honestly this was the first yaoi/shounen ai that i properly thought had a the best storyline ive read in a while.

When i first started reading this i was like woah two semes?! I got that idea because they were both really strong characters which i found different from your typical yaoi manga, i found that this was probably one of the things that kept me fixated throughout this whole manga.
I personally thought that the art was amazing in this manga and the characters truely are addictive.

What i like most about this manga is instead of a short storyline type of thing that you see in most one shots etc.. this was a proper story, with actions of both kinds ;)

I throughly enjoyed this manga i found it really amusing with the contrast between characters and awkuard situations i have already recommended this to many friends and all i can say is that if you're looking for an action packed boyxboy love story with some spicy scenes this is definately the thing for you.

This might not be the best manga for some if you don't like the action storyline type of thing, but this manga is really highly recommended.

Lets say it was on my favourites straight after finishing it last week!!
Overall i rated this a 10 obviously if i could go higher than 10 i would do its worth the read and it doesnt rant on its all action and it is possibly one of the most enchanting boyxboy relationship ive ever read about.