Dec 2, 2008
Retro8bit (All reviews)
Anime Tenchou is undoubtedly one of the shortest OVAs I for one have ever seen. (2 minutes) Its actually pretty cool for its extremely short run.

Story: 6/10
Well basically the main plot involves Anizawa Meito (main) taking over his managers last wish (though actually alive) to take over his Animate store. From here we see him, along with the other workers shouting promotional advertisements for their story, and fighting their rival company by way of hand to hand combat. Their antics were quite action packed and entertaining, there definitely is a lot going on during it. (which might give some a headache) You might start to get the feeling that your watching some sort of Dragonball Z commercial. Which is what this OVA basically is.......a commercial! Its fun and amusing, though very very short, but you do get a nice farewell bow from the real life Animate store workers, which was kind of nice.

Artwork: 8/10
Very good considering its age, the on screen anime characters are blended in nicely with real life backgrounds from the shop and even Tokyo. All doing either crazy style martial arts, or over the top promotions. Their drawn in good detail, color and fluidity, though do show their age by today’s standards, and the animated backgrounds can be pretty plain, and just not up to standards with the well detailed characters.

Soundtrack: 7/10
After Anizawa thinks his manager is dead, he quickly puts on his uniform style apron, and is joined in conjunction with this pretty catchy 80’s style male sung j-pop theme. It plays through out the OVA in a nice montage. Though some may feel it to be too dated, it really compliments the on screen action antics well. The character voices they have their are well done, and range from deep male style voices, to the loud voices with the female co-worker of his. Though overall the voice overs are pretty sparse. Most of the time you'll just be hearing the announcer.

Characters: 8/10
Well you pretty much only get to see Anizawa for the most part, but he is joined with brief appearances by his co-workers jumping around on screen. I really liked their design and personalities. They come off more as a mix of exaggerated comical yet well proportioned characters, so it depends on your taste.

Bottom Line: 7/10
Overall its a pretty amusing run through, plus its short so there really is no reason to feel like you wasted your time by checking it out. Then again it is a commercial, and I know most of us don’t like those! Hahahaha!