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A character who seems like an average kid but possesses a will and power beyond what people can imagine. They are considered heroes (or at least by what they are known) in both series. Not only are the main protagonists' personalities are alike but there is also a great focus on the conflict they get into with others. Most of this is portrayed in a shounen fashion with an appeal to comedy and action. Recommended for fans who are looking for something out of the ordinary.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both mangas emphazises heavily on the world and concept of super heroes with a varied cast which showcases a lot of different personalities and powers.
report Recommended by Rista
Super heroes, this is the main theme in both of these mangas. The main characters are also very alike. They both didn't have a lot of streght, but really wanted to become strong in order to protect the world. There are a lot of fight against evil that will blow your mind. If you like action packed manga with original and cool powers, then these manga are perfect for you!
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both are hilarious series about super-heroes.
report Recommended by Rica_Patin
Both manga have a collection of superheroes fighting evil villains, both stories display all kinds of different super powers and abilities that each character has. Both main protagonists get into a lot of comedic situations throughout the story. Both manga display great art work and they also have action, comedy, sci-fi, super power, and supernatural genre components.
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
One Punch-Man and Boku no Hero Academia are like brother mangas. They could even be set in the same universe with very little tweaks to it's storyline.
report Recommended by robodachi
Both series revolve around a "hero" system and features eccentric and unique characters, both good and bad. They differ in plot but are both fast-paced, exciting and interesting shounen series!
report Recommended by tearbender
Hero Academia is One Punch Man combined with the great elements of Hunter x Hunter, but with american-like art and plot. Less gag, and more action.
report Recommended by edwardo
Heroes, this is the theme of both manga. One Punch Man follows a relaxed and episodic line, while Boku no Hero has a more structured story, but both have big action scenes and have similar elements as heroes agencies and various villains. They are great manga that certainly please the fans.
report Recommended by Felipsu-
They share a very similar hero ranking system and society. Both protagonists also share the desire to become heroes, but have different reasons for becoming heroes. There are morally questionable and diverse characters in both series.
report Recommended by SteamedPlague
- They both portray societies in which super heroes are commonplace. - In both there are heroes who care enough about their rank / popularity and others who only care about doing what is right - The difference would be the protagonists, being that Midoriya started being the weakest and after receiving the One For All from All Might is evolving, and Saitama who after so much training became bald and defeats anyone with just one punch. - Although the protagonists are different, on several occasions they will thrill you, surprise you.
report Recommended by DaviCardoso
-both hero related themes -has both overpowered power (though, bnk shows the the life of how he master that power and one punch shows what he is after gaining an overpowered power) -both shounen -both epic (one punch has more funny moments)
report Recommended by PotatoeM_101
both of them are about heroes
report Recommended by Kristofer_Souza