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Both manga display some similarities like, for instance: - A Powerful Organization (Pandora/Circus) & some weird monsters. - An alternative fantasy World, where PH is set in an alternative Victorian Era and Karneval in a Modern Steampunk World. - A blonde happy go lucky main character (Oz/Yogi) that apparently has no problems, but later on some secrets are revealed. IMO, I like PH better because of certain elements you do not find in Karneval: While PH & Karneval start with a happy feeling, PH soon becomes heart wrenching,leading to a profound character development and an intricate twisted plot, while Karneval manages to keep the happy feeling by   read more
report Recommended by Orulyon
Unknown, mysterious organisations. Gore. They have a dark feel to them. Also, both Pandora Hearts & Karneval have their light, funny and touching moments.
report Recommended by Ritsu
Both have organizations surrounding the main character. Also the main characters have a mystery including knowing very little about themselves, with a connection to a enigmatic person . The artwork in both is especially magnificent as well.
report Recommended by Riftguardian
Art. Secrets. Organizations. Rabbits. Both manga share mysterious aura. Characters are also similar.
report Recommended by Kurisu-chan
They both have really detailed art, supernatural elements, mystery and a small amount of comic relief. The plots are a little bit similar in some aspects (uncovering character's pasts in particular).
report Recommended by aloe-cat
Karneval and Pandora Hearts have a similar art style, and though their setting is far of being similar (Pandora Hearts sets on an historical world while Karneval focus on a modern world and sci-fi) both have Organizations (Circus/Pandora) which fight against monsters and possessed people (Chains/Varuga), and both have characters which have a hidden dark past and suffer of memory loss.
report Recommended by churroneko