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Has to do with hunting and killing evil man-eating spirits and beings that are hiding in among people in various towns and cities
report Recommended by RazorToTheRosary
Both are quite similar in the sense of an organisation seeking to kill demons who have infiltrated into the human society, with its members the only ones to detect the demons among humans (for D.Gray-man it's only Allen though). One difference is that while D.Gray-man's organisation (Black Cross) seem more accepted by the humans, Claymore's organisation (Claymore) is discriminated against, even if both of them have special powers.
report Recommended by Dunkjoe
both manga are about an organization that fights against monsters. d-gray man=>akuma & claymore=>yoma
report Recommended by Mikasa_Ackerman
both shonens are set back in history (claymore medieval times and D gray man end of 19th century) the characters in these shonens are specially made (or just trained) to hunt down monsters who hide in humans
report Recommended by cardtrick
In both mangas, the main characters are people with special "skills" that allow them to spot and kill monsters hiding in human bodies.
report Recommended by xFangero
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