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Both psychological thrillers are about people forced into a "kill or be killed" kind of survival game. Where the characters are forced to question their own morality.
report Recommended by Master10K
Both series have a kill-em-all survival game set-up. Battle Royale gets a lot more gratuitous with the sex and violence (not that Mirai Nikki lacks either of those), and Mirai Nikki has some mild fantasy elements, but if you like enforced kill-or-be-killed scenarios, both deliver in that respect -- and might give you some nightmares in the process.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Did you just see a new character on the page? Then you can expect the same fates for said characters in both series. It might not get them now, but it will catch up with them at some point. Also the "one must survive by killing all the others" thing is present in both series, as well as equipping the characters with weapons in order to help them achieve this (future versions of diaries in Mirai Nikki, random things like scythes, guns, and forks in Battle Royale). Many of the characters in both series are also pretty damn crazy.
report Recommended by zawa113
Well to usm it up a bunc of people are pitted against each other in a battle 'till death. Differences: well mirai nikki is supernatural with all the time and stuff, but battle royale is just plain students with guns. they also have some romance in them
report Recommended by Keiz
There is only one way to survive and that is... TO KILL EVERYONE! Both manga carry a kill or be killed scenario as the characters enter a psychological battlefield. What entitles forth is a total bloodbath of death and gore. In terms of character progression both manga also feature some similar character revaluations; as our passive protagonist begins to question their own sense of morality and begins to wonder if they could kill for the benefit of their own survival. Mirrai Nikki differs as it features supernatural elements with specialised phones as the character fight against each other for the hopes of becoming the next   read more
report Recommended by Akoram
Battle Royale's influence, at least talking about the original book, is undeniably big, even if you can find similar plots from older works, it's with the book that this kill or be killed game was popularized, Mirai Nikki is one of the many works post of Battle Royale that would utilize this basically same basic plot, so most of the themes of death are present in both, Mirai Nikki adds sobrenatural elements to make it's story more of it's own, but overall both are recommended series of the same genre.
report Recommended by Fabrizio00
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