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Spy x Family
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Spy x Family
Sakamoto Days
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Sakamoto Days
Both focus on comedy and action. Both are comic stories of spies with their families and hilarious situations with a pinch of action. For those who like this kind of comedy, they are good works.
report Recommended by DMXIII
Both share a similar premise of spies trying to blend in, and they have similar comedy.
report Recommended by SteamedPlague
Funny stories about hit men trying to adjust themselves/hiding their identities while battling not only enemies but also everyday emergencies.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
comedy and action plot, each character has their own little quirk/power and there's a slice of life feel to both of them
report Recommended by maithyy
Both focus on comedy. With some action. Both focus on family,spy and assassin. For those who like this kind of comedy with bit of action they are good works.
report Recommended by DHRUVIK
Both have a very interesting and funny family dynamic with characters trying to hide their identity. In sakamoto days that element is played down a bit but both have a fantastic balance of action and comedy. I feel like if you like one chances are you're also gonna like the other
report Recommended by 1mintyboi