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In both series, there is a supernatural setting where there are beings that are otherworldly. Additionally, the main male protagonist are hotheaded and are not human themselves. There is a lot of humor in both series although Blood Lad also has more fan service and even a little romance. However, they both have the fact that the main male protagonist is not human and possesses similar personalities. Both shows also gives similar vibes in regards to its atmosphere.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both anime feature monsters, magic, and a halloween themed world. Blue Exorcist's main character, Rin Okumura, is a demon who was raised as a human and chooses to get stronger to protect humans. In Blue Exorcist's world, the demon world and human world are in constant conflict as humans try to protect themselves from malevolent demons. Blood Lad's main character, Staz C. Blood, is a vampire who is the leader of a gang taking up a territory the size of a large city. He meets a human girl for the first time but lacks the desire to simply eat her, and ends up wanting to protect her.   read more
report Recommended by Chdata
Both deal with supernatural creatures and humans. Blue Exorcist has more action than Blood Lad while Blood Lad has more comedy. Both main character (Okumura Rin and Staz) are fairly similar and goofy. The relationship between Rin and Satan is similar to the relationship between Staz and his brother Vlad.
report Recommended by Asfaria
- The main characters have a similar personality. - Both series involve a supernatural world. - Both include action, with a similar type of comedy. - The main characters face hardships and consequences with the usage of their power.
report Recommended by Mirukuti
Both Blood Lad and Ao no Exorcist are centered around the protagonists interactions with various spiritual and mythical creatures. Each series has its own special way of showing off the power of the main character and both have a similar pace of showing the main story line throughout the anime. Both main characters have a very similar sense of humor and makes for an enjoyable mixture of action, comedy and supernatural.
report Recommended by CrysisLink
If you enjoy quirky supernatural anime, then this show is a great watch for you. Ao no exorcist and Blood Lad each have a male lead with demonic powers- both of which are a little stupid at times. Even with the comedy, both series delve into darker elements when appropriate. And just as a little bonus, the female leads of the two shows have a friendly personality and a big chest to go along with it.
report Recommended by Plsletmedelete
Supernatural powers and creatures Humor and personality of the main characters are based on the same principle Fights are similar aswell
report Recommended by STEREOo
Blood Lad and Blue Exorcist has somewhat the same ring to it. They are quite comedic, deal with demon world. Male protagonists looks kinda similar, but one of them is a demon, while other is vampire-demon and they are strong to begin with, but become even more stronger later on. Atmosphere in both animes is quite similar too, but Blue Exorcist has more school in it.
report Recommended by JakklL
Both feature Demons. Both have comical aspects throughout
report Recommended by Crescendolisha