Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, Flip Flappers Recommendations

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Flip Flappers
Both are magical girl anime that are much darker than they initially seem (to a greater extent in Madoka).
report Recommended by Envidya
Both series appear to be about magical girls with a similar art style for the characters and the potential to get quite dark later on.
report Recommended by TheMisled
If you like magic girl with a twist, then you'll like Madoka Magica. Both Flip Flappers and Madoka Magica contain magical girl elements from the genre, as well as fantastical animation when it comes to the alternate realities presented in both shows. In Flip Flappers, that world is Pure Illusion; in Madoka, it is the worlds the witches implant in the area. Madoka and Flip Flappers are both meant for more mature audiences than kids, and they both feature girls soul searching. I'd say give Madoka a try if you liked Flip Flappers, and vice versa.
report Recommended by HanbeiCat
+Both feature magical girls. +++Both are animated very well, especially fight scenes. +Both include possible yuri.
report Recommended by petra_lal
There are MANY similarities. -Magical girls -The art style is different but the concept of Pure Illusion is like the Labyrinths. They both feature the danger of real world death, and are therefore not entirely illusionary, but equally trippy and often terrifying. -The magical girls are all trying to get wishes granted (with more success in one show than the other ;)) -They collect something from the labyrinth/illusion (seeds/shards)
report Recommended by tenshimoonbunny
Both are about magical girls, recommended for girl (even though i'm a boy...). Got great fighting scene and pretty good animation.
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
Deconstructions of magical girl anime in vastly different, yet darker ways. Both are masterpieces in visual storytelling and while FF is a lot more lighthearted, both also play with the concept of time, Madoka Magica moreso.
report Recommended by Dxvid
I truly wish Flip Flappers were more popular so it would get recommended to Madoka Magica fans more often. While Flip Flappers might not have the same level of dark themes it uses many serious and realistic themes and focuses a lot on emotions and the general human psyche and it does so beautifully. They are both new age magical girl anime and don’t shy away from harsh reality while still maintaining a fantastical aesthetic. While Flip Flappers isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea because of its heavy use of metaphors and leaving aspects “up to the audience” I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’d encourage   read more
report Recommended by apapercrane
Both anime are a dark twist on the magical girl or mahou shoujo genre with unique and interesting characters
report Recommended by Koogmaster
Magical girls with some pog animation.
report Recommended by Tsushiko
Both anime are about magical girls. They start off as happy and good, but then later on it gets more interesting and dramatic.
report Recommended by AiwahXP